That delicate, girly voice, didn’t it belong to her own music association. Gu Sheng felt she should probably first report the situation to him herself. Listening to him, Gu Sheng’s heart felt as if it was drifting. li’s creators just need to get their app off the ground. He should have a golden master…… *biting my hankie* I can hear the sound of my own heart shattering to pieces…” “I didn’t hear anything……” “Toupai belongs to everyone. As he tries to cover up his secret by declaring there is nothing, he slips and gives himself away. ” Literally means gold or golden master.

When the boy discovered that she was online in YY and was in Toupai’s channel, he immediately sent her a YY private message: Sheng Sheng Man, I want to hug a thigh …… Hurry. To keep up the popularity of the channel, currently popular CVs or online singers would be invited by moderators of the YY channel to be special guests. “Zou Diao’er Dada, I seem to recall that Sheng Sheng Man is in the same music association as you. But, to be honest, Qiang Qing Ci’s channel did not need any help maintaining its popularity… The artistes who were invited would instantly gain several hundred new fans. As a true, experienced voice lover, she felt as if she was definitely, immediately … not going to be able to take it anymore. The two of us had the idea at about the same time -- we weren t sold on it until we realized that usernames should be emoji too. (If they see text as passé then voice-calls are probably ancient.

Affected by Toupai’s message, even her voice was lowered when she spoke. She sings covers, arranges songs, does post-production, does artistic work …” In silence, Gu Sheng wearily shut her eyes. Gray and Scott’s new app could be one way to train smartphone users outside  the region to do the same thing..
. ” Below, the fans’ hearts were breaking, and they were starting to wail. ...

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